Hello ICADians!

Hello to all of the ICADians out there in ICADlandia!

First things first. Take a second and go grab an ICAD badge!!! Lots of new archival, fancy schmancy badges for 2017. Everyone who participates in the challenge, no matter what the outcome or number of cards, is an ICADian. There are also badges for ICADettes {newbies}, ICADgurus {finished the 61-card challenge one or more years}.

Look. If I CAN do something CREATIVE on an index CARD every DAY for 61 days, YOU can DO it TOO!!!

What? Don't have time for ridiculous things like sketching or painting or collaging or writing poetry on an index card? See that's the thing. You really DO have time to do the things that you WANT to do. You find time to play Words With Friends. You find time to stop at Starbucks. You have time spent waiting here and there and everywhere a few times each week. Make 20 minutes each day for this. Skip something! It will be a refreshing time to put your imagination to work. You may have to opt-out of something else for awhile, until you get that good art habit firmly in your life.

What can you do with an index card? 

Challenges energize your creative work! Each year I do two art challenges and two writing challenges. That's a total of 5 months each year! I do the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge each June/July and Inktober in October. But I'm writing a novel about a dream psychotherapist and so I do Camp NaNoWriMo in July and NaNoWriMo in November! And the reality is that I only OPEN the files for my novel during those challenges --  are the only two months when I even open the files for my novel! But it pushes me to make progress and that is what I need to be energized.... a challenge!!!

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