Happy Rainbows No. 4 + No. 5


Happy rainbows

Moleskine A4 watercolor journal {top}

Fabriano Aquarello Artistico 100% cotton 140 lb, fine grain, cold pressed watercolor pad {bottom}

A new sort of love story that involves italian paper.

I fell in love with the Fabriano paper the second I dipped a bit of quinacridone magenta on the page. I painted the rainbows at the same time - for example, if I painted cad orange on a particular rainbow on one paper, I did the same on the other paper. Same time, same order. The stripes at the top and bottom of each page and the random colors around the rainbows are different though. The Fabriano has more texture, more tiny nooks and crannies, it's thicker. I believe it adds interest to the end result upon close inspection. Both are very happy!

What is your fav watercolor paper? 

What watercolor paper do you dislike? 

My art for Day #30 of Art Every Day Month. November was Art Every Day Month. Thank you to the marvelous Leah for coordinating the challenge.

November absolutely flew by!

Tomorrow I start the December Pattern-a-Day Challenge with A is for Anika!