Hanna's 2013 DIY Postcard Swap

I've been creating a few postcards a day and now have a stack for Hanna's swap!

An arc of stitched cards. These make me happy.


3x5" cards, stitched

More about Hanna's swap here

I stitched these cards without any attempt at color schemes or balance in the compositions. I just sewed! I tried to work fast to keep that little voice quiet {the one that said that stuff didn't match}. The cards are about 3x5" cut from manilla folders and the gel plate prints I made last week. The cards include hand-painted papers, japanese washi papers, scrapbook paper, washi tape, fabric, gel plate prints, colored pencil doodles, found text....

Finding a big rush of creative energy while working on on deadlines! The more I "need" to do, the more I "want" to do something else. I've got an article to write and a collaborative fundraising project for my daughters' school. And taxes. Don't remind me about taxes. I want to throw watercolor paint at my spreadsheets!