Grungy Flowery Grid

Art journaling doesn’t need to be in an actual journal! I created this page on the heavy cardboard back of a wire-bound pad of watercolor paper. The background is easier than it looks and is so interesting as a backdrop to a grid of "like" objects.

I hope that you try this easy background technique; it’s a layer of Golden heavy body acrylics that reminds me of the ocean. I went on a treasure hunt through a stack of magazines looking for little bouquets and vases of flowers and made a grid of flowers.

Ideas for a gridded page include… blue items, things with patterns, paint chips, hats and blocks of text. Explore your magazines and assorted paper ephemera for fun things to use in your collage, using any theme you wish!

This is a tutorial originally created as a guest post at Robin Mead's blog. I share how to create this page of flowery grungy flowers on a sea of blue acrylic paint.

140809_gridz_0009 copya.jpg