Green + blue background

I've been wanting to make a predominantly green art journal background as an interpretation of the No Frills Prompt: Green,. So I grabbed some tubes of Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics (which act completely unlike fluid acrylics). These are seriously saturated, thick, opaque paints. First I scraped the page randomly with a cube of wax (from the supermarket, something made for canning I think) and then painted some squares with Golden Fiber Paste. After that dried, using a #8 flat brush, I painted squares and rectangles randomly in greens + aquas + blues and scribbled around them with neocolors. I think what I'll do tomorrow is add something to the boxes, some type of collage or images and journal in the lighter spots. At least that is the plan. But it never goes quite as planned!

PS. Here's the final Green + Blue.

[Note: I'd originally listed W&N heavy bodied acrylics, but looking at my box of paints it was actually the new Goldens that I used. I got a handful of 2 oz tubes a few months ago.]

{AEDM #1 2010}