Green + blue background rev 2.1


The green and blue background returns for day two, but it's incognito. I kept looking at the squares of acrylic paint and turned the page around, and started to see it as a wall of abstract art. So I took an abstract watercolor I'd done a while ago (see watercolors + salt) and glued tiny pieces of that to the page, adding more squares and neocolors too. I don't think I'll add any journaling (where would I, even if I wanted to!) but the idea behind the page is that just a few years ago I didn't "get" anything out of abstract paintings. They made no sense to me. It was like the artist just splashed paint on and called it a painting. But now I adore many abstract paintings.

Lovely abstract work: Wendy McWilliams, Mary Ann Wakely, Rebecca Rousseau

{AEDM #2 2010}