GPP Crusade No. 59: Ta Da List {2011 Re-Cap}

One of the best challenges on the web is the monthly GPP Crusade by Michelle Ward. I'm definitely one to focus on what I didn't do, so this was very therapeutic for me! Without further ado, the GPP Street Team Crusade No. 59: Make a Ta Da List.

The 2011 Recap!

♥ drew mandalas + doodles + faces
♥ drew cityscapes
♥ created lots of art journal pages
♥ painted with acrylics and watercolors
♥ made a bunch of videos
♥ developed the creativity workshop El Parquesito Creativo
♥ taught an art journaling workshop at 21 Secrets with a group of amazing artists
♥ taught my first live art journaling workshop to a group of high school art teachers
♥ published 2 issues of the Daisy Yellow st|ART ezine {just released issue No. 3 this week}
♥ facilitated Index-Card-A-Day and wrote a list of 50+ things you can do with index cards
♥ incorporated little photos in my art journal pages
♥ shared a personal post about quirkiness that received the most comments ever {thank you}
♥ wrote art journaling without rules
♥ was iced in for a week in February, in which the girls and I all got strep, and 2 of us had birthdays
♥ shot lots and lots of photographs + worked hard to get better at photoshop
♥ made mixed media art on canvas {first canvas painting, Jan 2011}
♥ sewed curtains for my laundry room
♥ filled most of my exacompta journal {here's a video}
♥ bought a bike and rode it with the family
♥ developed the popular groovy printed papers tutorial
♥ made a lot of tollhouse cookies with the kids
♥ we built a gorgeous rainbow!
♥ did a review of every gelly roll pen imaginable
♥ stitched a lot of fabric together
♥ created postcards for Hanna's DIY postcard swap
♥ helped my 9 yr old convert her work of fiction into a blurb book
♥ developed Kick-Start Art Journal prompts and No Frills Prompts
♥ participated in Creative Every Day and Art Every Day Month, created art all 30 days of November
♥ interviewed by Dawn DeVries Sokol at Create Mixed Media, Joyful Arts Studio and Wright Story
♥ submitted my artwork to a magazine for the first time {no matter what the outcome, I'm happy I did it}