Update from the Chance Journal

This is a rather tall 7x10" journal that I got in 2014 at the Fort Worth arts festival. As you know I've got lots of journals in process! It makes it easy to work based on mood - usually my mood drives the medium - and then the medium drives the journal or paper. Other times the amount of available time drives the medium - or the space or environment where I can work. Like I would not do acrylics/collage in the car. That's crazy talk. It's probably a flowchartable process.

Photo Apr 24, 2 30 18 PM.jpg

The flow of raindrops outside a kitchen window. An elegant Japanese tea ceremony. Searching for sea shells on a beach at dawn. That’s the kind of peace that I find in painting with watercolor or gouache. The dreamy movement of the brush on paper, the surprising intersections of color.

I do some sort of art every day.... because I need to!