Good Enough

5x8" watercolor moleskine, watercolor 

What is important is that working in your journal makes you happy.

That you are growing and exploring and learning.

Do you enjoy drawing wonky, imperfect mandalas? Keep drawing. Do you love how the colors meet to form new colors? Keep painting. Is your life happer with your art in your days? Keep creating.

Art is one big category of stuff, isn't it? You can call your work Art or ART or ArT, it's up to you. If I have to calculate debits and credits on T-accounts, that's accounting. So my creative work is art.

We use words to categorize our world, that's just how it works. And so my thought is that calling your work art is alright. It is not a statement about whether it is melodic or balanced or eloquent or well-composed.

Call it art, because it's certainly not cross-country skiing or oatmeal. 

Can you do that? Can you call your work art? What voice is holding you back?