Glorious Too

pink salvia thriving in the chilly air

the little blue and yellow faerie houses live in the maples off the back porch

royal princess nandina in berry bloom

the orange jubilee has a few luscious blooms

a bird house amidst the fading leaves of the sturdy bald cyprus

i hope these little buds will have a chance to bloom this week

purpurea falling over the retaining wall


Another peek in the garden.

The sun shines at a different angle.

An amazingly colorful December in Dallas-Fort Worth.

There's always something going on in the garden.

Soon the temps will dip.

The bare trees will strike interesting poses.

The icicles will drip in the afternoon sun.

A blanket of snow will soften the edges.


There's a glimpse of the foliage in Glorious.

A list of Plants in Our Garden.

What's going on in your December garden?