How will you know if you don't try? {workshop expansion}

Journaling is the way that I escape and relax and it helps me feel more balanced. 

When I launched at the beginning of the year, I was curious to see how the artists interacted with the techniques, prompts & ideas -- and then I did something that is kind of ridiculous. I {expanded} upon the stuff that resonated most. Yup. I altered the art journaling workshop. 

Groovy Grunge is my best workshop to date. I say that without hesitation. So if you are contemplating, I do hope you'll join in.


Now there's extra bonus content.
And I don't want you to miss it. 

How will you know if you don't try?

Take a hardback book or your art journal for a spin, transforming it into a no-rules repository for all of those luscious papers you've been collecting since forever. This is not simply about techniques. This is about how you APPROACH your journal. How you start. How you discover and utilize ideas.

My workshops nudge you to go ahead and TRY STUFF via paint + paper. 

Daisy Yellow Groovy Grunge Art Journal Workshop

I bet you've got a stack of mixed-media experiments, magazine clippings, found poetry, abstract meanderings, and painted polka dot patterns? Add the wildness of acrylic paint - the bold saturated color - with grungy edges - and you've got groovy grunge. 

Meet folks who love art journaling + paper as much as you do -- people who "get" your desire to collect paper and make collages and paint just for the fun of painting. Share your pages and chat @ art journaling in the community inside the Daisy Yellow Altered Books FB group. 

Student work from Groovy Grunge and Novel Approach

creative ideas, paint + paper
intersect, interact & intermingle
engage your creativity
share your free-spirited journal work
twist the techniques
play with possibilities


Bonus: 2 index card collage tutorials
free with Novel Approach *or* Groovy Grunge!

Bonus tutorials!

GG Video Peek!

I break down each of the techniques into an easy-to-follow process in each of the videos. Whether you're an art journaling newbie or have been working with acrylics and collage for years, you'll find overflowing ideas to explore and you'll make discoveries as you go. 

Registration for NA and GG open now!
Content available thru the end of 2019.
Check the WORKSHOP SECTION for all of the glittery details. 

Words from art journaling afficionados....

Tammy's ability to inspire creative experiments has always been a path for me to carve out time and space for my personal artistic expression. I view the course videos to keep me on-track with my own creative experiments even if I don't actually create the assignment." T

"This fun workshop is reasonably priced for the lessons, encouragement and new-found friendships I've developed with other women all over the world and I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of how much or how little your experience in this field." B

"I find Tammy Garcia's online workshops to be very organized and so inspiring. Full of the details I need, but with the freedom and permission to be me. Tammy inspires me to try so many things I would not try on my own and she attracts a lot of fun & creative people to her workshops. It is a joy to participate!" L

"This was such a fun workshop that I am going to do it again." J

"I can totally recommend Tammy's workshops, she is so giving of herself, her ideas and techniques - and they are such FUN!" J

"I love the class as all the lessons are there and you can work at your own pace, dipping into them randomly. If you're interested, join in!" F

"I’ve learned ever so much and enjoyed every minute of it – as well as everyone else’s work – hurrah!" J

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