Getting Words on Art Journal Pages

Let's go back to the very basics, the inclusion of words {any text, legible or not} on your pages. No matter what words, letters, symbols or numbers you choose to use, they need to be etched, glued painted or otherwise added to your pages. And so we start with the LITERAL version of getting words on your pages. 

Idea #1: Ask your kids to write phrases for your journal pages {"a garden full of mazes"} and glue to your page as part of a collage.

To glue things to your pages, use a liquid adhesive like Golden fluid matte medium. It's versatile; you can use it to thin fluid acrylics to greater transparency. I don't do anything to protect my pages or make them archival. They are what they are. You can also use two-sided tape or glue stick if you won't be using wet mediums.



Idea #2: Use washi tape with words.


Idea #3: Ink words on heavy paper or cut phrases from magazines. 


Idea #4: Paint words with Golden fluid acrylics using a simple office supply store alphabet stencil and a stiff stencil brush or Q-tip.


Idea #5: Write a quote using a calligraphy pen dipped in white Golden High Flow acrylics. Or white opaque ink.


Idea #6: Paint words with a tiny brush and Golden High Flow acrylics or Fluid Acrylics.

Idea #7: Type words on a manual typewriter and glue to the page.


Idea #8: Stamp a title on your page with rubber-stamps; doodle or color inside with gelly rolls, colored pencils or neocolor wax crayons.

Blind Melon Alpha Stamps from Traci Bunkers.

Blind Melon Alpha Stamps from Traci Bunkers.


Idea #10: Write thoughts, notes & lists on little stickers and pre-defined spaces. Art by Sue Maher.

Idea #11: Use fruit and vegetable stickers, clothing labels and tags.

Idea #12: Cut out text in foreign languages from magazines and old books.

Idea #13: Use fortunes from fortune cookies. Or lottery numbers from lottery tickets.


Idea #14: Type a poem, lyrics or a quote on an index card with a manual typewriter, glue to page, finger paint acrylics to soften the edges of the paper.


Idea #15: Paint words with the nozzle on Golden Airbrush colors. When dry, outline with black PITT pen.


Idea #16: Photocopy a page from a dictionary, cut out a definition that communicates your thoughts or emotions and glue to page.

Idea #17: Glue in interesting words & phrases from magazines.

Idea #18: Apply thin layers of acrylic or watercolor paint to a book page to allow random words to peek through. Use the page as an art journal background or an element in collage.


Idea #19: Write a quote on vintage accounting paper, glue to the page, embellish with washi tape.


Idea #20: Use postage stamps from other countries with interesting text. I order stamps from Kenmore Stamps.

Idea #21: Search magazines for words in interesting fonts.


Idea #22: This is a multi-part method. Hand-letter words or a quote. Photograph the artwork. Print the photograph on a Polaroid PoGo Printer {prints are peel-off stickers.


Idea #23: Write words with a bold big brush PITT pen and outline with a white Sanford Uniball UM-153 or white Sakura Gelly Roll.


Idea #24: Type a quote in word processing software, format in a fun font, print and glue into your journal. Highlight with pencil & washi tape.


Idea #25: Drip espresso or watercolor paint on a piece of paper, use scissors to cut simple block letters from the paper and glue to the page. Edge with charcoal pencil.


Idea #26: Create a rough textured background with acrylic paints and molding paste or gesso and write words in charcoal pencil.

Writing in pencil on an irregular surface creates interesting, imperfect lines.


Idea #27: Decorate a page with abstract squares and write in pen as you would on a blank journal page. For abstract patterns, you can cut out pages you've created with Neocolors, watercolors gelatin prints, gouache, acrylics....


Idea #28: Hand-letter your thoughts in doodlicious style. Art by Diane Scott.


Idea #29: Attach journaling spots to your page, so you are ready to write any time. Art by Patty Radish.