Getting Words on Art Journal Pages: Marit Barentsen

Continuing a series of posts about getting words on our art journal pages! 

Marit Barentsen {of Marit's Paper World and Featuring Magazine} describes the art of including text in her weekly journal Chronicles.

In Marit's words...

❝When I first started the Chronicles (in 2010) I censured my text/journaling and left out the more personal/ private stuff - I only wrote things that I found were OK to put 'out in the open' on the internet for others to read. After a while, my 'chronicles' began to feel like 'a school diary' or  'appointment book.' To make the pages more 'me' and more interesting to work on (and view) I started making the pages more personal and that meant I also started writing about the more 'private' things. Nowadays, I don't think about leaving out text. During the week, I jot down on a piece of paper the 'highlights' - what happened on a day. When I start working on my daily spread, I read through those notes and 'more or less' decide what should definitely be in or out... when it comes to 'short sentences' of private/personal journaling, I just use it on my journal page and don't think about it too much (see ***) but sometimes there is a big 'private part' that I still want to be on the page... and if that is the case, I decide up front how I will do that. Blur it on the computer later or use a 'hidden' technique... like I did here.❞

❝It is only after the spread is finished that I decide which text I want to blur before I publish the pages online. There are several reasons for blurring the text: because the text is about other people who might feel uncomfortable when their name pops up on my pages on the internet. Sometimes, the thoughts or experiences I describe are just 'too private to put up for the whole world to read'. I use photoshop for blurring those sentences/parts.

On this particular spread (week 46) I knew that I wanted to write about something that I did not want to make public, and since I received a lovely postcard that week that I wanted to preserve ánd had a postcard from the 'feel good market' that we visited on Sunday, I decided to stitch a pocket on top of the text to keep the cards... that way they would also cover my writing. I measured the cards and used a soft pencil to mark the place where I could journal. I then wrote down the text and after that, stitched the plastic pocket over it and put the cards in....

I then collaged more images ánd journaling spots onto the page - on which I wrote the 'usual' and more public stuff (the 'what did I do's' from that week...) only a few lines needed to be blurred as it was about another individual. So here I glued on the journaling papers/spots first and then wrote the text...❞

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