Getting Unstuck & Figuring Out What to Do

I do art every day - there are projects going on simultaneously - lots of journals and papers and index cards and art in various stages of completion and I've been working with this bouncy art energy for almost a decade. 

And here is my experience. Ideas will flow if you keep showing up. Yup. Even on days when you don't feel like you have any ideas. When you are walking through quicksand. You can still do things to keep propelling yourself forward nonetheless. 

Art by Tammy Garcia

At Daisy Yellow I write about baby steps. How doing a tiny project every day, staying consistent with your art practice, helps you build drawing skills, painting skills, collage skills, helps you loosen up and build those skills so that you can do the art you want to do. How experimenting with your materials with an open mind and a curious attitude can make you a better artist. How a seemingly trivial project like a collage on an index card or a blind-contour drawing every day makes a difference, if you stick with it. And I get that it's hard to do stick with it, especially when the muse has disappeared, when you are in the muck, when you perceive that you are stuck. 

You do not need a ginormous 17-step strategic plan in order to get back to your art.

I get emails from readers saying that they want to do art but are feeling the blahs. They do not know how to get their creative spark back, to find the muse, to reboot. There's a dry spell, a lull, there are no more ideas in the world... The good news is that your muse has NOT disappeared into thin air. There is no muse. Gasp. I said it. Someone had to say it. There is just showing up and starting to work, somewhere. 

The focus of Issue #16 is dealing with the times when the hypothetical theoretical {however you want to refer to creative ideas} muse is off on a cruise and you are stuck without any creative ideas. This is a digital magazine with 23 pages of colorful artwork & essays about art journaling + creativity.

Excerpt: "You are human. No matter how vast your imagination or how effortlessly your work usually flows. No matter where you are on your "creative journey" or how much you’ve got your process down to a science. Here’s the thing. You need time to refresh and renew your energy, to gather ideas and give those ideas a chance to simmer."

Zine #16 will get you THINKING about your creativity, about your approach to your own work and about the joyous act of doing art. I talk about the oscillations of the creative process and try to put low altitude phases into perspective so that you can make the most of them.

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