Getting into flow smashing acrylics

First, I think it only ethical to warn you that what you find below could potentially be addictive. If you start smashing cards on a whim just before you start cooking dinner, you might wind up with take-out pizza 2 hours later. You'll ignore timers beeping, telephones ringing. You might skip the kids tubbies, the dog's walk, maybe even Modern Family. Please do not say I didn't warn you. This is a fun idea for abstract backgrounds for the ICAD Challenge

[originally published in 2011, the first year of the ICAD Challenge]


This set of cards started with a simple blotch of pink and pearlescent white paint. I stamped that card against a blank card and wound up with two such blotches. And just kept going from there.


I added one drop of paint, smashed it against another card, then a drop of paint and more smashing.


The card that started the trend.


And this is really messy work, by the way.


The dryish patches are created when the paint is starting to dry and you stick the cards together and pull them apart.


Drew mandalas on some of the cards with a gellyroll.


3x5" index cards, fluid acrylics

There are a dozen more smashed index cards! They are perfect for collage backgrounds, cut up into art journal fodder, for drawing doodles, cutting circles and squares with scrapbook punches... where will it end?