Fujifilm Instax Play-Time

I've been thinking about getting a toy camera for quite awhile, something that would take imperfect, maybe lomo, maybe holga, desaturated photographs. This Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Film Camera had generally good reviews at Amazon so I splurged on the camera and a box of film. 

I whipped through about 30 photographs in two days. The kids whipped through another 10 shots of Kimba and yes, I had to pull the camera away from them. Art journalists and creatives will like this camera because you don't know exactly what you'll get when the photograph spits out the top!!! You get IMPERFECTION, soft focus and desaturation galore. 


Did I mention that the glossy photograph pops right out the top of the camera? Or the memories of the Polaroids of the 1970s? Or the excitement while waiting for the photo to develop? Or that the kids though it was the coolest thing ever? And it comes in a bunch of pastel colors? The photographs above were all taken on the same cloudy afternoon. So results are inconsistent. You cannot turn off the flash, so until I figured out what conditions worked best, a bunch of my shots were way over- or under- exposed and I burned through a lot of film before it all "clicked" with me. Pun intended.


These three instax photos were taken indoors adjacent to a window with good light flowing in. Be sure to take photos at least a few feet from your subject... with good light... to get decent photographs. 

The official review!

5 stars for usability*
5 stars for the novelty/fun factor
2 stars for photo quality

* It's extremely light and easy to use, just one nob to turn to set the exposure {exposure is an exaggeration, sorry}. One button to snap a shot. Switching out the film pack is easy peasy. The cost of film is about 75 cents/shot. The film does not need to be taken anywhere to be developed, which is a major plus! 

I find the photographs engaging and intriguing with a sprinkle of retro wonkiness that works for my style of art journaling and documentation.