Fresh Start


More Daisy Yellow. Yup.

Here's what I'm doing.

1. Linking from DY to posts that I enjoy. It's more personal than tweeting, posting on facebook, pinning... it's like handwriting a letter instead of an email. Creating mail art instead of an e-greeting card. Or these days, writing an email instead of a text. I believe that it will inspire community. 

And with this in mind, some posts that I enjoyed this week.

2. Writing. Creating. Sharing. Please comment once in awhile, even if all you want to say is hello. It helps me see that folks are reading and what I am saying makes any sort of sense. I'm just like you. When I think I'm talking to myself, my motivation starts to slip. And I might get crazy ideas like sorting laundry or organizing the pantry. Imagine the guilt you'll feel if that happens.

3. Commenting. There's so much out there that is free to enjoy. An art journal page, an eloquent haiku, a tip about making jasmine rice, the angle of a photograph, information on pruning roses, knitting instructions, a free quilt pattern, an f-stop clarification, podcast interviews. Things that make me think, make me smile, give me an idea, push me to reframe my perspective, to open up more. It is not possible to read all of the great blogs out there so I will read fewer blogs so that I can comment on more. You can't go to the book store and read a page from each book. I committed to leaving 21 comments {see my21 Kindnesses post}. I've left approx. 11 comments this week. 

4. Guest posting on Star Gardener's Right Brain Planner! I am so happy to be in Teresa's world. Plus she called me amazing. And I kind of like that.


5. Doodling on the pages of Dawn DeVries Sokol's new book. Art Doodle Love: A Journal of Self-Discoveryis all about - colors and doodles and fresh ideas to invite your ink and paint to the pages. I'll be participating in a blog hop {my date is Feb 8th}.


6. Interviewing artists. Another great interview is forthcoming! In the mean-time, read the interviews with ① Marit Barentsten, mixed media artist and founder of Featuring Magazine. ②: Mixed media artist Natasha White. ③ Podcaster and fiber artist Amy Cowen.

7. Filming my workshop for 21 Secrets. I'll be teaching with a cadre of amazing artists. My workshop is "Watercolor Playground" and here's the description:

"We will create playful and fun art journal backgrounds with watercolors and fill our colorful pages using a variety of journaling techniques.  Our focus will be on enjoying the process of painting, writing and creating. We will concentrate on the beauty of each color, the texture of the paper, the way the paint flows from the brush. We will select colors intuitively, not from a color wheel. Art journaling is all about the process of getting color and images and words on paper. The experience, not the finished page, is what it is all about. In this workshop we will create a set of playful art journal backgrounds using watercolor and fill our colorful pages using a variety of journaling and lettering techniques."

Registration is now open, and if you register through Daisy Yellow at THIS LINK ---> 21 Secrets <--- I get a small payment!!!