Fresh Mandalas + Rainbows

A little Daisy Yellow Etsy Shop update! I sold my first print in December and I was walking on air, jumping for joy in celebration. I've added fresh, bright watercolor paintings plus mixed media ink + watercolor mandalas to the shop. This is the first peek at these mandalas at Daisy Yellow!

Rainbow Wonderland, Watercolor

{A print of Wonderland flew to Iowa}

The print is actually brighter than is displayed here.

Rainbow Circus, Watercolor

Trance Mandala, Watercolor + ink

{A print of Trance is off to Australia} 

Weave, Ink + Markers

{Weave has been whisked off to Iowa, California, Oklahoma + Minnesota} 

Art Equals Happy, Watercolor + Ink

{A print of Art Equals Happy flew to California} 

A close-up peek at the mandala below.

Refreshed Mandala, Watercolor + Ink

{Brand New}

Spin Mandala, Watercolor + Ink

{Brand New}

Carousel Mandala, Watercolor + Ink

{Brand New}

Evolve Mandala, Watercolor + Ink

{Brand New}

Prints are available in the Etsy shop now.


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