no:rules art journaling {workshop expansion}

Free:fall into no:rules art journaling. 
Take those papers you've collected forever
and introduce them ✂️⚛️ to the wildness of acrylic paint.

Need a creative escape? A bit of self-nurturing me-time? Want to meet other folks who love art journaling as much as you do? You can share your pages and chat @ art journaling in the community inside the Daisy Yellow Altered Books FB group. 

Student work from Groovy Grunge and Novel Approach

Daisy Yellow Groovy Grunge Art Journal Workshop

When I first launched Groovy Grunge, I watched to see how the artists interacted with the materials, techniques, prompts & ideas. Then I worked to add content, depth and extra sections to expand upon the stuff that really resonated. And here it is. And I'm SO very proud of this workshop and of the work that students are creating. This is the coolest, and, well, grooviest workshop I've ever developed. It's a goodie. Don't miss it. 

I invite you to take a break + let loose in your journal.

Ideas, paint + paper intersect, interact & intermingle in the grooviest way! Workshop members get access to the DY Altered Books FB group [where folks love collecting paper as much as you do] where we are engaging our creativity, sharing our free-spirited journal work, twisting the techniques around and playing with possibilities.

Engage with a small, private, supportive group of creative people like YOU. 


Two index card collage tutorials
FREE with Novel Approach *or* Groovy Grunge!

Bonus tutorials!

A fresh video peek into GG, folks!

Whether you've just started art journaling or have been working with collage and acrylics for a few years, both workshops will bring it all together for you! You definitely do not have to consider yourself an "artist" to take my workshops! You will learn as you go, OK!? I break down each of the techniques into an easy-to-follow process.

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