Free and Sustainability and Stuff

Diane at CraftyPod has one of the smoothest voices I've ever heard. Smooth, perfect for radio, voice-overs, dubbing, and I could even hear her voice as a retro, 70's vibe character in a modern day cartoon. I've not heard Diane do Kareoke, but I bet it's a hoot.

And the mind that drives that voice has the ability to comprend the BIG PICTURE even as she fashions paper flowers. That this path of blogging and free and doing so very, very much for so many, with little financial reward, will not go on forever.

Here's what I see. There is more and more free, yet the quality of the free is dissolving, getting watered down with messages re-mixed and re-mingled and re-cycled and re-crafted. There's also more and more fee-based stuff, and folks gripe at the fees. 

There's an inverse relationship between authenticity and unique ideas and the sum of creative consultants, SEO experts, doodle certifications, art kits, paint-by-numbers, copied and pasted journal posts, recycled material, pinterest boards. And copyrights ignored and trampled. And ideas summarized, confiscated and paraphrased.

So Diane has announced the END of the infamous CraftyPod Podcast. One podcast in a sea of podcasts. One voice in a sea of voices. But a sign that we should notice. Another sign that if we do not support FREE, we shall lose FREE. Because it's not really FREE to begin with. 

And thanks to Diane for many years of crafty podcasty goodness.