Francesca* Unsubscribed from this Blog {An Epic Post}

{inside the japanese magazine "Idea" by husband brought back from Tokyo}

On Sunday morning I got an email that someone had unsubscribed from email updates to this blog.

I just recently launched this email functionality after years of opting NOT to have this capability. I didn't offer it because I thought of myself subscribing and the experience I might have. For example, if I received email updates, I would quickly get annoyed at the updates themselves. Not at the fact that I requested them. Not at the fact that I didn't work my digital life so that I could keep up. {In case you are curious, here's a link to the instructions for subscribing via feedreader or via email.}

Oh the irony.

Whew. So let's back up. I started thinking. Why would someone unsubscribe from this blog? Why would a person unsubscribe from any particular blog? And does unsubscribing always have to do with the content?

And so it's time to evaluate, get down to the nitty gritty. Why would someone unsubscribe to email updates from this blog?

For purposes of this evaluation, we'll use Francesca* as the code name for the person that unsubscribed. I'm talking about email updates, but this could be extrapolated to blog updates from a feed reader.

  1. It's Day No. 8 of The Moments Challenge and Francesca* could not stand the thought of 23 more imperfect photos + quotes.
  2. Francesca* doesn't get my jokes. Or snarky comments. 
  3. Francesca* subscribed because this is supposed to be an art journaling blog but the last mixed media art journal page was in May, a 2-pg spread called Fly in an altered book. 
  4. The range of topics is too wide. The blog is unfocused. Quinn wrote about this in a post called Living a Portfolio Life. The truth is that I want to share a love of creativity rather than a specific medium. I find that one form of creativity informs another. I would have more readers if I would focus. But then I wouldn't be true to the way I do art.
  5. There's a tip jar up at the right side over there ➼ in orange. And it annoys Francesca* that I would ask for tips. I do believe that the blog provides both fun & value and so I welcome tips.
  6. I post too often. I don't post enough. Posting is erratic. Sometimes I post on Sundays. 
  7. Francesca's inbox is overflowing with email subscriptions to blogs on topics from toy camera photography to japanese fountain pen reviews. Today, she decided enough was enough.
  8. Francesca* thought she was subscribing to a blog about vivid yellow or organic gardening.
  9. There are very few tutorials. This is a valid point. This is not the blog for never-ending tutorials. I like doing them but they are super time intensive. Here's a video tutorial of painted flowers and sewing paper that I shared this week
  10. There are too many challenges. Link-Love Mission365 SomethingsIndex-card-a-dayDaily-paper-prompt. Really it might be overkill.
  11. Francesca* changed her email address. Ha ha.
  12. Francesca* is re-evaluating her life, practicing Getting Things Done, working on inbox-zero or other productivity booster. 

* Names have been changed to protect the overwhelmed. Some folks might thinking that I am tempting fate by giving actual reasons to unsubscribe to this blog. As if folks aren't smart enough to figure them out all by themselves.