Four Paintings Group Two

“Some might think that the creativity, imagination,
and flights of fancy that give my life meaning are insanity.”
Vladimir Nabokov

12x12" wood boards, acrylics

It's groovy to work on four 12x12" paintings at one time. They are balanced on a rolling island in the kitchen; sometimes I have to scoot the island out of the way and it winds up in the dining room. I use painting tarp to protect the floor below and another to protect the island itself from errant drips and smears. The light in the dining room is lovely in the afternoon in the winter but harsh and hot in the summer. I work on the paintings over the course of about a week and a half to two weeks. I keep going until I "like" all of them and they seem to be in "balance" with each other. Note the "air quotes" because I don't have any definition of what is finished other than I don't see anything else to add, uncover or cover. I never know how they will turn out until they are finished. This is the second set of four. You can see the first set of four that I did this past summer.

PS. Just announced a new online workshop, Painted Paper Paradise. The workshop includes watercolor/gouache painting techniques with bonus lessons about sewing painted papers.