Focus on your priorities*

Every night, I write my "3 good things" list. The process has evolved since the beginning of 2011, yet the core concept is constant. It's not about how many things I check off my to-do list. A "good thing" in my world is something I do for myself or my family. It's that simple. So making a healthy dinner, swimming, taking the kids on an excursion, buying myself a book, making reservations for a trip. 

What I decide to include is not black & white. If I've been having a particularly bad day I might count grocery shopping as a victory.

So we have to work on what we need to work on! Like if you are a knitter and you think and breathe knitting you might not put that on your list, because you are going to do it no matter what. But you might include taking your daughter to the library, publishing a tutorial or learning to make vegetarian lasagna. 

The purpose of the list is to give myself a "gold star" because I need gold stars!


I started the list in 2011, writing in a lined Rhodia journal, then on a notepad app, now I keep track in Evernote. It's a simple list. Not everything needs to be in your journal.

Weeks will go by when I simply forget the whole thing! Yup! But beyond that I try to write the list every night. Sometimes there's only one thing. Sometimes four. It has helped me see things in a positive light and ground my thoughts before I go to sleep. 

Your turn!

What practices do you follow to bring your true life priorities into focus? Do you take time to pat yourself on the back? Do you find it difficult to take your focus away from accomplishments/ productivity and look at the good that you create each day?