Flowing Sunshine

"What wouldn't I give now
for a never-changing map
of the ever-constant ineffable?
To possess, as it were,
and atlas of clouds."
~David Mitchell

5.5 x 8" Exacompta sketchbook journal, pitt pen (xs), watercolor

First flowers and now mandalas and suns in psychedelic colors in the Exacompta journal. The first sun was drawn first, then painted. For the others, I painted the backgrounds in watercolor, let them dry overnight and then drew the mandalas on top. The texture is just wonderful for drawing, no drag, lovely. You could do this in photoshop (merging a watercolor background w/sketch), which is cool and you can play and interchange backgrounds, but this is the real thing! FYI, you can find Exacompta sketch journals, unlined, with a super shiny silver edge at Vickery.