Flip Thru: Altered Hardback #two

I created a short flip-through video to show you the pages in this altered hardback novel. If you can't see the embedded video, go directly to the video on Vimeo. In late 2008 when I started this book, I didn't have any clue how much fun I would have and how much I would love the book as it evolved as I tried new art materials, new ideas. You never really know what art project will be a turning point in your world! This 5x8" hardback book measures 8x10" when the pages are open. I found it in a discount book store for $1 and it was all text, with a solid spine and decently thick pages. Certainly workable. Since the pages were narrow, I worked each pair of pages together.

P.S. It's my first flip-through video!

Here are some of the pages with a little background info: Glaze Pens + Faded Green, Live in the Now, Elemental Grid and Dream Collage.

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