Finding the Mojo | Muse | Motivation

I work quickly, not thinking about right/wrong, color palettes, the color wheel, tertiary colors, true magnetic north or anything scientificky. I don't micro-manage the outcome. I just get to work.

Artwork by Tammy Garcia.

Artwork by Tammy Garcia.

There's a lot of talk about the elusive creative muse, of mojo, some sort of magical-mysterious-complex concept which means different things to different people. So whether it means "the muse" or "creative energy" or "strength" or "motivation" or "determination" to you.... the idea is that we don't start {or make progress on} a creative project because we are waiting for something. Waiting for the muse, the answer, the plan.

Sometimes we are too focused on the BIG PICTURE, the META version of the work, figuring out what we want that to be. The end result. We are looking at this version of the work in our minds and seeing how it could be. In one possible version of reality. Do you wait for the perfect plan, to know every aspect of the work, for a magic bullet, a formula?

Maybe a paint-by-numbers strategy works for scrapbooking or portrait painting, but it has never worked for me. 

I don't know what my artwork will look like when I am finished. Because I don't know the path I will take. 

Tell me... what you are waiting for?

What will make it OK to start your project? 

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