Field Trip: Dallas Museum of Art

The Genesis sculpture is amazing. Awe-inspiring. I was using my 50mm lens, so I took three shots and merged them in photoshop!

Hawaiian quilt in a beautiful peach and cream.

Extravagant silver work.

Retro, baby.

My daughters {L and R} and a friend drawing on the clipboards at the museum.

An entire workspace to create, with bits of papers, tape, wires, colored pencils, etc. We created for an hour!

Drawing inspiration from masks.


Book art created by a local high school student!

Doodle inspiration.

We spent the last day of winter school break {first week of January} with friends at the Dallas Museum of Art. Our absolute favorite part was the Genesis mosaic, an outdoor work of art facing the front entrance of the museum. Here's my photo at Flickr where you can see part of downtown Dallas in the background.