Experiments: Two Inks {Part 3}

Let's review. experiment #1 + experiment #2


This time, I drew on the watercolor paper in this journal, no extra water, two different inks. The dark ink is J. Herbin Perle Noire which has just a hint of rich elegant maroon. I used a dip pen with a Speedball calligraphy nib to draw the dark lines. An absolutely decadent almost-black ink. Highly recommended.

The green lines were drawn with a Pilot Petit 1 fountain pen with green water-based ink. I bought it at Jet Pens along with some other playful pens for my daughter's birthday present. The ink is a bright green that is accurately named Apple Green. It is transparent and flows nicely from the pen. At 4 1/4" {about 11 cm}, the pen is short but with a wide body. It felt comfortable drawing mandalas and writing words. The green ink is super happy next to an intensely dark ink. This is a pretty little pen; fun to see the ink through the translucent body of the pen.

Conclusion: I like the intensity of the dark ink with the playful ink accents. The paper was dry so the lines are crisp and precise and well-controlled.

Here's more work from this journal. It is a Moleskine Watercolor A4 Journal.