Experiments: Gouache & Ink {Part 2}

“You could guarantee a decent cup of coffee in Betty's, but it went beyond the decent coffee and the respectable girls (and women) who had been parcelled up some time in the 1930s and freshly unwrapped this morning. It was the way that everything was exactly right and fitting. And clean.”
Kate Atkinson, Started Early, Took My Dog

A4 watercolor moleskine, gouache, ink

If you've been reading Daisy Yellow for awhile you know that I talk a lot about experiments. A great deal of my art techniques grow from experimenting.... wondering what would happen if???

This is the second of several posts about how experiments evolve. Continuing to play with variables {gouache and ink} in the watercolor moleskine journal. In the first experiment, I drew mandalas on top of gouache that was nice and dry. In this second take, I painted the page with gouache and then waited about 15 minutes so it was still wet. Then drew mandalas with ink directly on the background, using a few different Speedball nibs and J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir ink. It was so much fun that I went back in with a wet brush and embellished some of the lines. Conclusion: Super fun. Lines took their own quirky path as they were absorbed into the paint. I liked not knowing exactly what would happen as I drew each line! A fun mixture of crisp and soft lines as parts of the page were more wet than others. And the J. Herbin ink? Divine. Here's more work from this journal. It is a Moleskine Watercolor A4 Journal.

Editor's Note: Oops! I changed two variables at the same time - used a different ink AND painted while the page was wet. More on my findings in the days ahead.

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