Experiments: Gouache & Ink {Part 1}


A4 watercolor moleskine, gouache, ink

Questions and curiosity lead to experiments... and new techniques. So the quandary this week... how will ink and gouache interact and work together? I like working with "permanent" ink and yet I like the way that impermanent inks react with water and paint. I like that the bleed might not be controllable. This is the first of several posts about how this particular experiment evolved; the concept can likely be extrapolated to other art experiments. So the key variables are obviously the gouache and the ink, right? Wet vs. dry gouache. Impermanent vs. permanent ink. I didn't think the nibs really mattered in terms of the actual experiment and this was a good chance to play with the nibs that I had. I actually ordered some new nibs this week - they are only a few dollars each. 

Start with the basics and alter the variables! Like a scientist or chemist or maybe a chef. So I opened the Moleskine Watercolor A4 Journal and painted the page with gouache. I let it dry for a full day. Then drew mandalas with ink directly on the background, using a small Speedball calligraphy nib and black Dr. Ph Martin's india ink. Conclusion: Excellent experience. Lines look crisp against the soft background.

Here's the first post about this journal, with more pages.