Experiments: Eclat de Saphir & Water {Part 4}

A4 watercolor moleskine, gouache, ink

For this experiment, I dropped the gouache for a moment and focused on the interplay of ink and water in the watercolor moleskine journal. Did a bunch of things here... drew mandalas with ink directly on the background, used water in several different ways, all with two different Speedball nibs and J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir Ink. Conclusion: Addictively fun. It's a wonderful experience to immerse yourself in the flow of the ink, following the lines where they choose to go!

I watched this video from Leigh Reyes several years ago, and it has inspired me ever since! So I searched for it on YouTube and thought you might enjoy it. Leigh blogs at Leigh Reyes.

Let's review. Skip the following list if you already have a scorecard! experiment #1 + experiment #2 + experiment #3.