Expand your Index-Card-a-Day experience.

The 8th Annual ICAD Challenge runs June 1-July 31, 2018. 
It revolves around doing a tiny creative project each day for 61 days... on a simple index card. What you do on that card is up to you. And yes - our base/substrate is a basic office supply. It is INTENTIONALLY UNFANCY. It's actually NOT an art challenge and you definitely do NOT need to be an artist to participate. It's a non-competitive, fun, creative challenge that YOU CAN do. 1000s of folks do the challenge each year. It is a whirlwind of activity!


There's a metric ton of info here at the blog, in the ICAD FAQ, plus newbies will enjoy the ICAD Kick-Start Guide to get yourself wrapped up in what it's all about! Also be sure to bookmark the 2018 ICAD index which will be automatically populated with the weekly prompts and warm-up exercises. 


I've had so much fun facilitating this global challenge for the past 7 years! We all love to watch the clever, colorful, comical creations on index cards fly by in our social media feeds. It's nice to see some happy things going on in the world. Whether you are a biologist, environmental analyst, YA author, bus driver, geometry teacher, java programmer, web designer, gouache artist, bead enthusiast, photographer, airline pilot, or consultant, your creativity will bloom + blossom + grow in interesting ways as you work the challenge. 


When I started ICAD in 2011 there were fewer online creative challenges. The simple idea caught on and we all fell in love with the simple rectangular format of the index card. It's a zero-risk, totally imperfect, flexible substrate. And in that no risk environment, we can give ourselves permission to explore without fear of failure. All of the ideas, tips, resources, zines, videos, tutorials, feedback, and cheerleading that I do... are all with the goal of getting you guys to that 61 card goal!!!! That accomplishment will give you a swoosh of self-confidence! It's easy to start, but it's also easy to give up. I don't want you to do that! 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Registration for ICADextras has closed.
Thank you for your interest! 

I'm working through the myriad of logistics to ensure that our challenge goes smoothly! The prompts are written and tucked away in top secret invisible unauditable envelopes protected from both superheroes and villainous forces.

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