Even Though

"I'm relearning the ingredients of happiness
like memorizing the periodic table."
Connie, Dirty Footprints Studio


arting outside while the kids splash

9x12" canvases

knock-out roses

four 24x36" paintings are almost finished, 3 canvas, 1 hardbord

Glimples of yesterday via my phone camera. Looking back, I think it turned out to be a good day. Not measured by items crossed off the to-do list. Even though it included a trip to the dentist for a cracked tooth. Even though I am wearing my back-up glasses because I broke the good ones last week. Even though I dropped a rock on my foot Saturday and it aches. Yes, I am very, very clumsy. Did I mention the dropped bottle of fluid matte medium on the hardwood floor on Saturday as well? As in, glue? Nonetheless the pre-summer weather was lovely and the girls and I took full advantage outdoors after school. We have to pack in the fun before temps exceed 100 degrees. The girls splashed in the pool and told each other invented stories while I took the opportunity to bring my art stuffs outside. Alphabet stamps, index cards, pens, etc. Prepping for the start for Index-Card-a-Day.