EDM #8 + EDM #9


5x8" moleskine, gellyroll

{click to see the watercolored version}

EDM #8: Draw your watch or other piece of jewelry...

I don't own a watch, so I selected my daughter's magenta bauble from the table, a pendant necklace with a very long intertwined chain of rectangular segments. My thoughts about this are few. Mostly that I should have drawn something else!

EDM #9: Draw a bit of “organized chaos” – your messy desk, your table stacked with books...

Wandering around the house with my moleskine, I found no lack of organized chaos. I was tempted to draw a shelf in the pantry with chocolates and granola bars and such. But I settled on my daughter's dresser top, with an array of treasures. Snow globes, decorative boxes, etc. I sat on the floor with the journal in my lap and drew from below the dresser.