EDM #24, #25, #26

“I’ve come to the conclusion that people who wear headphones while they walk, are much happier, more confident, and more beautiful individuals than someone making the solitary drudge to work without acknowledging their own interests and power.” Jason Mraz  

EDM #24: Draw a piece of fruit. First I drew a KIKU apple, which is yummy, but it was so wonky that I decided to try my hand at an old grapefruit. I like the grapefruit better, but I have difficulty with organic shapes. But moreso, the first few drawings after not drawing "real" things are always weak.


EDM #25: Draw a glass. In this case, this is a glass jar from Favorit swiss cherry preserves.


EDM #26: Draw anything you like. Here, I drew one of the stitched index cards I made for my 365 project

Three EDM drawings from March. These are in my 5x8" watercolor moleskine. I'm working through Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters {EDM} drawing list. All of the drawings are tagged EDM Challenge.