EDM #19: Draw something you’ve made


5x8" moleskine, slicci pen, watercolor

This took forever. Not when I actually sat down to draw, but the process of deciding what to draw. I couldn't think of anything I'd actually "made" like a sculpture or a bookshelf. A thing. I considered baking a ham-spinache quiche that my friend Laura taught me to make. I considered the green monster costume I sewed for my daughter for a play this past spring. I considered the stitched journals that I make. But in the end, a smart friend suggested drawing a journal, a stack of moleskines, even drawing a mandala that I'd drawn. Suggested that I get on with it in the spirit of moving forward and working on drawing not on deciding what to draw. And so I flipped open the noticing journal, a hardback book, to the PINK gridded pages and proceeded to draw...

I'm working through Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters {EDM} drawing list. The idea is explained here, and all of the drawings are tagged EDM Challenge.