EDM #13: Draw a telephone

5x8" moleskine, gellyroll, hi-tec, watercolor

This is my favorite to date! I accidentally published #14 before #13 but nonetheless I am going in order. There was a several day gap when I didn't do an EDM, because I was having a struggle in my mind about drawing a boring black droid phone. Finally I decided to just draw the black phone and turned it on to see what time it was and WOW I realized that I could paint the background colors on my screen and that would make it come to life. How funny that it hadn't crossed my mind until I saw it.

I also did a little pen test on the page - the slicci, the hi-tec c, a gellyroll and a pitt pen. On the bottom right, I wrote the names of the pens and immediately painted with water using the kuretake waterbrush {review forthcoming}. I bought the full set of slicci pens, a full rainbow of wonderfulness, from Jet Pens. The slicci and the hi-tec are obviously NOT permanent just after writing. The pitt pen and the gellyroll absolute ROCK the universe as you can see. So then I did another test, where I set the TIMER for 30 minutes after writing the names of the pens and had the SAME results. In both cases, the hi-tec beat the slicci, but they both smeared significantly.

Now... if you wait a day instead of just 30 minutes, you will get an elegant release of ink from the hi-tec and the slicci that I think improves the watercolor sketch when painted. But if you want your ink to stay still on a mandala or doodle, go for the pitt pen or the gellyroll. The gellyroll can smear slightly if rubbed right away, but the pitt pen wins any competition hands down. Inky hands. When I draw sitting by the pool, and the girls splash my page by accident, the drips do not bother the pitt pen so I don't have to worry about that.

And sometimes that is how my art comes together, I happen to see a juxtaposition or even two adjacent things and they run together into something new. Do you ever look around your space as you are drawing or doodling or journaling and pull two things together?

Neat stuff...

Blade aka The Artistic Biker took a whirlwind trip to the northeast and did some wonderful urban sketching! I've not yet tried this, and I really would like to.

I'm working through Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters {EDM} drawing list. The idea is explained here, and all of the drawings are tagged EDM Challenge.