Dream Circus

"When obstacles arise,
you change your direction to reach your goal;
you do not change your decision to get there."
~ Zig Ziglar

9.5 x 12" Clairefontaine acrylic pad; Golden fluid acrylics, neocolors

This was a fun piece of experimental art is the result of exploration with a few brushes and acrylic paint over the past month or two. Trying to get more and more control over the brush. But I think that's partly an illusion! I want to KNOW what the brush will do in advance, as I now know with PITT pen. The circles on the lower left were the most difficult; I built the circles outward (center, then wider circle etc); later realized that I should have worked in, because the acrylics are opaque and I can just build up the layers smaller and smaller. That's the thing. You learn something with each piece of art. Each little section of painted doodles took 27x more time than I'd imagined... and I think they are addictive since I already started another one.