Drawing Together

5x8" sketch moleskine, pitt pen, drawn with my daughter (10)

My daughters and I so often draw or do art at the same time at the breakfast table, working at our own pace on our own thing. But new patterns are slowly emerging. My older daughter and I have discovered the coziness of drawing together, working on the same page. Even if your kid is a month away from turning 11. And she is an inch taller than you. And she is a brilliant artist. And she is addicted to Harry Potter.

It started a few weeks ago when we drew mandalas based on the other person's instructions in The Mandala Challenge. Around 11pm one night at the hotel, my younger daughter was reading Chasing Vermeer, and my older daughter and I wanted to draw in the same journal. No-one was ready to go to sleep. So we started taking turns doodling, adding to the doodles and connecting them with different patterns. We traded the pitt pen back and forth, watched each other draw, made suggestions, improvised, designed, decorated. And finally crashed.

Right now I'm thinking that drawing together is warm and wonderful and fun and refreshing and so many other adjectives. Let's hope it lasts!