Drawing Squiggly Lines

"Make it a rule never to give a child a book
you would not read yourself."
— George Bernard Shaw

We spent a few hours at the book store last week getting books for our trip this week. We have this ritual of grabbing a snack at the cafe, gathering books into teetering piles and skimming through them to find the best ones. I found a bunch of good books to add to my neverending list (here's my 2010 list of books to read) When we got home, I devoured Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists by Carla Sonheim. I LOVED this book - the line art is loose, fun, whimsical - a great resource of ideas for fun projects and doodlicious sketches.

The little note about 30% off $20... there were some teens at the bookstore and they were looking at a $20 book that was 30% off and they went back and forth trying to determine what the price would be. So one of them said, "Hey, I'll use my phone." and calculated the amount on their iphone. There are at least two things very wrong with this scenario. Where do I start.

The little drawings in my journal were inspired bythe art in this book. I'm also drawn to the art of of Danny Gregory. His post, Slow=Know is an eloquent description of what drawing means. I love documentation, like Jana Bouc's How to Make Yogurt. Then there's the art of Miguel Herranz (Freekhand), and I could go on...

We're off on vacation, flying to Pennsylvania. Enjoy your week and we'll catch you later.