Tutorial: The Yellow Page

Watch the tutorial here or at Vimeo {10 mn}

In the video, I paint a messy background with a brush and Golden heavy body acrylics. You can do this with fluid acrylics as well. Then I stamp with a rubber sun stamp and a hand-carved eraser stamp {tutorial for carving eraser stamps} and acrylic paint. Next, I add a bit of collage {including a portion of an index card with an excerpt of my deep thoughts on the far left}. Finally, I doodle and paint S with a small brush and black Golden high flow acrylic paint. For lettering, try a short-handled round Da Vinci Top Acryl #2 brush.

When you add collage and ephemera to your art journal, try leaving open space(s) so that you have a ready-made target for words.

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