Draw Your Words Hand-Lettering Series

A series of hand-lettering tutorials + resources with an array of drawing + writing exercises to challenge you to think about how you visualize, shape + draw words.

The Purple Page. An art journal page where words are a focal point. Working here with acrylics, Neocolors, found papers, gelatin prints, paper washi tape, and hand-lettering in an altered children's book.

You can make a journal for anything you wish. This is my "alphabet journal" where where I play around with hand-lettering and devise new ideas.

Doodle Letters One: Letters are shapes, right!? So have fun with them by adding kooky crazy doodles and build words with your playful letters. 

Doodle Letters Two: Exploring letters in Dr. Seuss style, with quirky lines & silly colors using Sakura Glaze pens.

Block Letters. A starting point for visualizing letterforms and making use of negative space. 

Groovy Letters: A tutorial for drawing flowy, graffiti-style, cursive lettering. 

Variations Galore: Stretch your creative muscles by pushing a single letter to the outer limits of possibility. Draw more letters than you think are possible! 

Alphabetication: Drawing letters with a dip pen is like playing piano; you can be as expressive as you wish. 

Doodle Letters Three: Time to take all of those letters and build them into words & phrases! 

Doodle Bonus: More, more, more letter play.