Draw Your Words Hand-Lettering Workshop

"A huge component of the process of making art is the making of meaning – taking stimuli, sorting it, reconstructing it and communicating it."
Nicoletta Baumeister

Draw Your Words is a series of hand-lettering tutorials + resources with an array of drawing and writing exercises to challenge you to think about how you "shape" or draw your words.

Alphabetized: Drawing the alphabet. My example is in dip pen and india ink; you can draw with any pen you wish.

The Purple Page. Art journaling with acrylics, a rubber brayer, collage + hand-lettering in an altered children's book.

Alphabet Journal Flip-Thru: A journal where I practice hand-lettering and devise new lettering ideas, with mandalas and doodles too. 

The Yellow Page: Creating an art journal page using acrylics, a brush, collage and hand-lettering with a brush and high flow acrylic paint.

Repeat and s-t-r-e-t-c-h: A quick tip about space planning and writing BIG letters.

Doodle Letters One: Drawing letters and adding kooky doodle patterns inside.

Doodle Letters Two: Colorful silly doodle letters in Dr. Seuss style.

Block Letters. Lettering exercises with a pen or marker. Helping you see letters as shapes. Making use of negative space and drawing block letters.

Groovy Letters: Graffiti-esque lettering tips.

Variations Galore: Spark your creativity by brainstorming lettering ideas.

Alphabetication: An example of letter play using various inks and nibs.

Doodle Letters Three: Taking what you've learned and creating words and phrases with your doodly lettering.

Doodle Bonus: More lettering ideas.

Resources:  For those wishing to explore modern calligraphy and playful lettering.

And a bit of inspiration from Leigh Reyes!