Hand-Lettering Links

Reference info about calligraphy, modern calligraphy and lettering. Good for rainy days when you want to get inspired to practice your lettering.

Leigh Reyes shares her expressive pen work in this video. Give her a ♥︎ if you like it. Leigh blogs at My Life as a Verb and shares so much pen talk that I can barely even hope to contemplate one day. So much to learn! Link to YouTube.

Schin Loong shares gorgeous flourish-embellished calligraphy lettering with a G-Nib. Link to YouTube. The nib-holder is called an "oblique" pen and it allows you to write at a sharper angle than you could comfortably do otherwise. This is something I'd like to try! 

Antiquaria shares a video writing calligraphy lowercase letters with a dip pen and a G-nib. Link to YouTube.

Baylee Jae compares several inks {I've not used any of these} and I thought you might like to see some of the tests and documentation that you can do with your inks. Things like testing for water fastness and eraser smears. Link to YouTube.

And it's not all about a dip pen and ink. You can letter with all sorts of tools. Here's Paul Antonio lettering a store window with a Montana acrylic marker. Link to YouTube.