Draw Your Words: Doodle Letters Three

Let's take all of our lettering experiments, practice, variations and alterations and string together doodle letters into words. Adding your own hand-drawn letters to your art journal pages adds a bit of YOU to the mix. I think it makes the pages, the entire journals, more meaningful and, well, human! You can even do an art journal page where you write about your experience in speaking, writing & drawing words. Write about the act - the art - of incorporating words on your pages.

A few good books...

A lovely book on modern lettering is Modern Mark Making {note that the paperback version for some reason has a different name, "Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering"} by Lisa Engelbrecht. Not a "how-to" but a lovely assortment of ideas.

Playing with Type by Lara McCormick is a book of lettering prompts, not a "how-to" but chock full of juicy ideas that I'd like to explore further.

There's a workshop index, where you can navigate to each section.