Dragonfly aka 36 Faces

Art journal page by Tammy Garcia.

One of the challenges I gave myself with this set of pages was to incorporate an index card in the composition. Yup, 36 little faces on an index card on a page where I tell myself to -- just keep drawing -- that's always been the mantra. This is the hardback book I'm altering into an art journal called the Noticing Journal. The background of these pages is heavy body and fluid acrylics, with journal fodder, postage stamps, fabric, tissue paper, washi tape and even little daisy ribbons made of thread. The journaling is in white uni-ball marker, which is my ultimate fav white marker.... dare I say even better than the white gellyroll! I wrote about the idea that to learn to draw, you must draw a lot. So if I keep drawing faces, tiny faces, some day I will draw a face with character. It will take time.