Doodlicious Diary

I've been ever so curious to read Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls by Dawn Sokol of D'Blogala. Dawn knows how to doodle and understands what art journaling is all about, often incorporating photos of herself in her quirky doodly pages. We received a book in the mail compliments of Dawn!

Before I give you my thoughts, I'll tell you that when the book arrived my older daughter (who just turned 11) took the book upstairs for "reading time" before bed. For them, reading time is a bonus, a treat, time they look forward to. An hour later, she was lying on a big fluffy pillow on her floor cracking up, writing a "code" language for her diary. It's not that the book guides you through coding, it's that opening yourself up to new ideas and thoughts gets your brain working on creative problem solving. It was amazing to see it in action. It's like when we "refill the well" and go out and about looking for ideas.

The book is more than anything a starting point for art journaling. I like the book design, the weight and feel of the pages, it's pretty and inviting. The main title, "Doodle Diary" doesn't tell the whole story, because it's much more than a place to doodle. I like the simple way Dawn incorporates familiar art supplies and fresh journaling prompts.

This would be a good present for a girl (only because it has a girly feel, not because boys cannot art journal), perhaps age 8+ (not just kids, anyone up for creative fun) because you can really make of it what you wish. I could see this as an on-going activity for a mother-daughter book club (in our book club we have a painting session at each meeting), parsed out through a handful of meetings. Or a surprise gift for a girl going on a long flight (along with some markers, etc.). When we travel, I bring art materials and a few surprises for each of my daughters, to make the flights pass just a little faster. Lots of potential gift ideas.

Dawn is the artist behind NaNoJouMo, one of the challenges I'm into this month.

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