Doodle Update

“Colour is a power
which directly influences
the soul.”
Wassily Kandinsky

Overlapping mandalas. I love the texture and fluid movement of glaze pens.

Overlapping mappy lines.

A southwestern feel to these squarish quasi-mandalas drawn just before bed. 

Flying mandalas in bold lines... including a black blob.

Talk about mindless doodles? What about drawing when you can't see your work? I drew these lines|doodles|scribbles while watching a movie, in the dark. It seems that your hand {brain} remembers the movements required to draw letters and shapes, and the movement of the hand that allows space between one letter and the next. These things fascinate me.

Collecting in one post a bunch of pages that I've drawn in my Art Doodle Love journal using Sakura Gelly Rolls and Glaze pens. Finished over the course of a few weeks. I like the fact that there are abstract backgrounds on each page of this book/journal, allowing me to pretty much do anything I wish. The backgrounds provide a contrast or balance to whatever I feel like drawing. I'm not really a good prompt-responder, as you can see. So the words add texture to the abstract work.