Doodle Grid No. 1

5x8" sketch moleskine, the one with pale yellow paper, gellyrolls, pitt pens, slicci pens

I am really happy about how this doodle is turning out! Before we left for Italy, I drew the grid and when I flipped open my moleskine one night in our hotel room I started to develop a new type of doodle. I drew the doodles over the course of two evenings. Finally yesterday I had a chance to spend a few hours in a cafe and started colorizing the design. It's really coming to life!

Here in Texas, we are welcoming the cool weather of November and parsing out Halloween sweets. November means Art Every Day Month (aka AEDM), an annual creative tradition hosted by the generous + talented Leah of Creative Every Day

{This is my art for DAY ONE of ART EVERY DAY MONTH.}

2009: I did both AEDM and NaNoJouMo (click here to read about this challenge to journal every day facilitated at D'Blogala). For NaNoJouMo, I art journaled in an old children's book I called Tekenfilm. For AEDM, I focused on mandalas and doodles. Here's my 2009 wrap-up post.

2010: I did both both AEDM and NaNoJouMo again! For NaNoJouMo, I created a lot of art journal pages and backgrounds. For AEDM, I focused again on mandalas.

2011: For AEDM, I worked on art journal pages in an Exacompta journal. Here's a video flip-through of the journal. Then I switched to watercolors in the A4 moleskine. Here's an example.

The reason I'm going back through years past is to show you how much I love the November challenges and to gently nudge you to get involved. Decide to do it and you will be successful! I'll post my work here at the blog, at the Daisy Yellow Facebook Group, at the AEDM Flickr Group and adding my links to Leah's daily Linky Loves. You do not have to do a big project, you do not have to do only art journal pages or only doodles or only paintings. You don't have to do the same thing every day. It's very flexible and you will be SO PROUD of yourself if you finish it! You might even use the 61 Daily Paper Prompts as daily nudges or creative sparks to get going.