Don't preserve all of your precious artwork.

"If the highest aim of a captain were to
preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever."
St. Thomas Aquinas

One of the secrets of learning new techniques? Make a lot of something. Then play or cut up or collage otherwise alter a subset of that series of things... and you minimize that feeling that you are taking a massive risk with precious one-of-a-kind-work. If you make 50 of something I bet you'll see that there are some that you like "more" and some that you like "less." If you wish, keep your favorites in pristine condition, and then RISK all of the rest.

In my workshops we talk about taking risks with our artwork, with the techniques and processes, because you've got to take chances in order to do better work. If you stay in your comfort zone, you won't have those wild "aha" moments that would drive you further up the elusive learning curve.

All of that said, I wanted to try a bunch of things with "some" of the 40+ inked cards that I painted October.  I wanted to make shapes by playing with negative space, layering paint on top of the inks. So I used white paint to create petals and on other cards, black paint to create hearts, words, mandalas, flowers, etc. I like that you can see the ink through the white paint but the vivid ink colors really pop against the black paint. Finally, I cut up a bunch of the cards and made little collages on {what else} index cards.

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