Documenting me now

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”
John Green

working in two journals at once {left is the altered hardback, right is this page in the exacompta} so while one dries i can keep going

the last page and inside back cover of the 5.5" x 8" exacompta journal

golden fluid acrylics, ephemera, photo, hand drawn mandala, neocolors, washi tapes, white marker, frisket to create the curves on the right side, gelly roll, stitching

just me, inside more creative than outside

It seems like a lot of artists look like artists. They dress with style and flair, describe their work with words of fluorishes and swirls. I'm sort of an incognito artist. I'm uncomfortable doing a page about myself, and even moreso sharing that page... so I am pushing some limits here. It's kind of like... why do a page about myself when I am me, I know who me is. Does that make sense? But then I realized that 10 years ago I was a different me and in 10 years I'll be yet another me. So this documents the me now.

This is the second page I've done as a self-portrait or self-description. The photo started the theme, then I added a mandala, a photo of my watercolor palette, photos of light, etc and writing.